Also 100 percent owned by Colonial Coal and located within the Peace River Coalfield, the Flatbed project is located between approximately 8 and 10 kilometers from the existing Quintette and PRC loadouts. The property is adjacent to Anglo American’s Trend mine and Teck’s Window proposed mine, and has the potential for a large tonnage deposit, with a 100+ Mt coking coal resource target. In June 2014, the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines issued seven coal licenses over the Flatbed property. These licenses (covering 9,077 hectares), plus 3 remaining coal license applications (covering 2,400 hectares), include three targets identified by an independent geological consultant as being worthy of exploration aimed at the location of underground mineable metallurgical coal deposits.
In 2017 Colonial Coal acquired historic seismic data. After analyzing this data a drill program has been planned and will be carried out through July and August of 2017.

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